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PowerPoint 2013 is a presentation program that allows you to create professional-looking slide-show presentations. The PowerPoint Package gives you 6 hours of interactive courseware, with courses at the beginning and advanced levels. This learning package explores all of the features of PowerPoint 2013, from the basics of creating a new slide-show and saving, to the more advanced features such as creating transitions and timed animations. Whether you are new to PowerPoint or are familiar with a previous version of PowerPoint, this course will prepare you to use the many features of PowerPoint 2013 in the workplace, in class, or at home.

Beginning PowerPoint:
   Creating Presentations in PowerPoint 2013
   Enhancing PowerPoint 2013 Presentations
   Animations and Media in PowerPoint 2013
   Finalizing a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

Advanced PowerPoint:
   Advanced Slide Shows Tools in PowerPoint 2013
   Sharing, Printing, Protecting and Delivery Presentations In PowerPoint 2013

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