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Excel 2010, Microsoft's comprehensive spreadsheet tool, offers features that support a wide range of functions. The Excel Package gives you 24 hours of interactive courseware, with courses at the beginning, advanced and power user levels. This learning package explores all of the features of Excel 2010, from the basics of opening a spreadsheet, saving and printing, to more advanced features such as inputting formulas, PivotTables and sharing workbooks. Whether you are new to Excel or are familiar with a previous version of Excel, this course will prepare you to use the many features of Excel 2010 in the workplace, in class, or at home.

Beginning Excel:
   Getting Started with Excel 2010
   Applying Basic Data Formatting in Excel 2010
   Moving and Getting Around in Excel 2010
   Moving Data and Modifying Worksheets in Excel 2010
   Saving, Sending, and Printing Excel 2010 Workbooks
   Using Conditional Formatting, Tables, and Sparklines in Excel 2010
   Reviewing and Protecting Content in Excel 2010
   Using Basic Formulas in Excel 2010
   Using Basic Functions with Excel 2010
   Inserting Basic Charts in Excel 2010
   Adding Visuals, Themes, and Styles to Excel 2010 Workbooks

Advanced Excel:
   Customizing Visual Elements in Excel 2010
   Workbook Settings, Conditional Formatting, and Number Formats in Excel 2010
   Organizing Data and Objects in Excel 2010
   Verifying Excel 2010 Data and Formulas
   Automating Excel 2010 Tasks Using Macros
   Analyzing Data with What-if Analysis in Excel 2010
   PivotTables and PivotCharts in Excel 2010
   PivotTable Filters, Calculations, and PowerPivot

Excel Power User:
   Sharing Excel 2010 Workbooks Online and on a Network
   Using Excel 2010 to Collaborate Online and with Other Office Applications
   Using Lookup, Reference, Math, and Text Functions in Excel 2010
   Manipulating Formulas and Using Forms in Excel 2010
   Using Excel 2010 Data Connections: Web Queries, XML, and Databases

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