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Outlook 2007 is Microsoft’s primary messaging client. Outlook provides all of the tools necessary to manage e-mail, scheduling, tasks, and communication. The Outlook Package gives you 28 hours of interactive courseware, with courses at the beginning, advanced and power user levels. This learning package explores all of the features of Outlook 2007, from the basics of setting up your e-mail with outlook, adding new contacts and sending new e-mails to more advanced features like utilizing a calendar, setting up automatic replies and instant messaging. Whether you are new to Outlook or are familiar with a previous version of Outlook, this course will prepare you to use the many features of Outlook 2007 in the workplace, in class, or at home.

Beginning Outlook:
   Getting Started with Outlook 2007
   Formatting and Managing E-mail in Outlook 2007
   Using the Calendar in Outlook 2007
   Using Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and Customizing the Interface in Outlook 2007
   Completing Searches, Printing Items, and Working with RSS Feeds in Outlook 2007

Advanced Outlook:
   Customizing Outlook 2007 and Using the Journal
   Configuring Rules, Alerts, and Junk E-mail Settings in Outlook 2007
   Working with SharePoint, Calendars, and Forms in Outlook 2007

Outlook Power User:
   Data Security, Archiving, and Working Offline in Outlook 2007
   Instant, Text, and Unified Messaging in Outlook 2007
   Business Contact Manager with Outlook 2007

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